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Aurora Housing Authority
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Meets at 2280 S. Xanadu Way, Aurora, CO 80014 (west of I-225 and north of Iliff)
2nd Thursday of each month at 6 p.m.

To develop and promote quality housing while supporting and encouraging economic opportunities leading to self-sufficiency and independence; and ensure the availability of affordable, decent, safe housing for current and future residents of the City.

Must be an Aurora resident and registered voter.  One member must directly be assisted by the housing authority.  Not more than one member may be a City official.  Members are appointed by the Mayor.

Number of members:  7
Term:  5 years 
Current Roster:

  • Tom Ashburn
  • Ray Barnes
  • Barbara Cleland - Vice-Chair
  • Moses Dong Jin Suh
  • Susan Farmer
  • Timothy Huffman
  • Debra Neeley - Chair

City Staff Liaisons:
Hannaha Han
Craig Maraschky


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